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When you need a bail bond for yourself, a family member or friend, you need someone that you can trust. Don’t just pick any name and number that you may come across. Choose a bail bondsman that has your best interests at heart. For more than 30 years our family owned business has been there when our clients need us. We are located right across from the jail, and even speak Spanish when our customers prefer or it is necessary. We can be there when you need us, and we promise nothing but the best in care. Whether you need a bond for someone you love or for yourself. 
So call our bail bonds agent collect, 24 / 7, or come and see us in Dalton, GA.
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We provide efficient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of our clients find it necessary to call us collect when the situation requires. We will travel up to 50 miles to serve our clients with their bonds -- County, State or Nationwide! Call our professional bail bonds agents in Dalton and let us show you what superior, fast and efficient service is in your hour of need.

So, no matter where you are – or where your loved one is being held – we can take care of the details, and make sure that your worries are taken care of right away. Call us today – our bail bonds agent can help!
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When you need a bail bond, you shouldn’t have to wait. We are recognized by the Better Business Bureau and by the Chamber of Commerce. We pride ourselves on delivering bonds as fast as you need them. 
So come and see one of our agents in Dalton or you can simply pick up the phone and call us. 

Call collect 24/7 when necessary! Either way, we will make sure that your bail is in order as fast as possible.
That’s our promise to you.

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